PayDirt! Slots

The PayDirt Slot machine is powered by Real Time Gaming. This five-by-three reel lays against a sunset background, the sky saturating from pink to blue in pastel tones. You can see a body of water in the background, illuminated light blue, and the reflections of several towers. This slot is themed after the gold rush and if you've ever wanted to be an old-time gold miner, or just ever wanted to play a game themed after this you'll appreciate this game. The navigation is slick, easy to use, and well crafted.

Layout, Navigation, and Gameplay

This game is formatted in a very attractive and simple way. In the background is a gold embroidered and bronze-tinted mining town to emphasize this board's old-time quality. It's still cartoonish and fun, with each symbol animated and playful in a way that will draw in many slot users. All the navigation buttons are available towards the bottom of the screen, within a bar of blue. On the left side towards the corner of the screen are several stacked buttons, the top one if the line bet. You can use the plus or minus to add or subtract money from your line bet. This means it's the individual bet per line and there are several betting options, including $0.01, $0.02, $0.04, $2.50, $0.09, $0.08, $0.07, $0.06, $0.03, $0.05, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, plus $0.25 and $0.10. You can also bet multiple lines on the board at one time. There are up to 25 paylines that can be played at one time, and you can subtract as many as you choose to determine your total bet. Beneath the number of lines and bet per line is the total sum below. You can customize your bet here. To the right of that screen is a larger window that displays your total winnings after every spin, so make sure to keep an eye on it as you spin. Finally on the right side of the screen are a couple of other buttons, including a manual spin and an autopsy button. The auto spin button will be preferred for more experienced players, who don't want to go through the pain of slow manual spinning. The manual spin button will be perfect for less experienced players, still learning the pattern of slots. There is also a black bar at the bottom of the screen where you can further customize your experience. On the furtherestfurthermost left, there is a gear button where you can customize a few options including making the spin bar a space button, a chart symbol on the right side, a question mark that will pull up a detailed instructional screen, plus a button to customize how fast each spin, with options of x2, x1, and more. Also make sure to check out the button where you can mute the overall sound on the board as well, just by dragging the adjusting button.

Colorful and Creative Symbols

This game has an array of colorful symbols within the board portraying this old mining sort of vibe. One of the symbols includes a bundle of fireworks or explosive sticks. There's also a lamp, an old-school-style lamp for mining. Another symbol is a man with a scarf over his face, holding a gun with a cowboy hat and vest. He seems to be a trouble of some sort and playing into the stereotypes of the old Wild West, including outlaws such as this guy who peers at the user with a mischievous glint. A more innocent symbol includes a happy dog holding a gold nugget between his teeth, which has a cartoonish and high quality to it. Another basic symbol is just a mining hammer, this would be used to mine the actual gold back in the day. Another symbol is a bearded man, a more happy and moral miner with a dirty face, and a mustache and beard. He has a hardy and happy demeanor. The cartoon donkey is a highlight of this slot, bringing more happy cartoon animal playfulness to the slot. One of the symbols is some sort of pan filled with water and specks of gold, and the reference is sort of lost to me but I'm assuming this is a historical reference to how gold was mined back then. Another symbol is a crate of gold nuggets, which was a good choice. The symbol of the actual mine itself completes the picture and aesthetic theme of this overall board. This is really about another time. The "PAYDIRT!" sign is exceptional and fun as well.

How To Play

On this famous gold rush slot, the PayDirt slots that have a gold nugget symbol are wild symbols. This symbol only appears grouped on reels 2 and 4, subtitutingsubstituting every other symbol except the scatter symbol. When this is triggered, the prize will get tripled when more than 1+ gold nuggets act as a substitute in a winning combination.

The Scatters Are Helpful

The slot machine's "PayDirt" sign is the scatter symbol. Scatters are very helpful on every virtual reel. The scatter winnings are multiplied by the total bet. If the player is so lucky to trigger three or more scatter symbols, it'll be a pick me feature. On this pick me a symbol, you'll have to select one PayDirt sign to reveal 1 out of 3 features. The free games will be played a the bet and lines of the initial triggering game. If you want a gold rush, better hope to group a few gold nuggets on a reel, and you'll win 12 free games. If three or more PayDirt signs appear in these free games, you can trigger more free spins, an additional 12 games, and can continue to retrigger if you are lucky. If you trigger the Gold Fever feature, you'll be awarded 5 free games. This is an excellent RealTime Gaming slot without a doubt. If you can trigger the third reel, filled with Gold Nuggets, you'll add even more games.

Strike It Lucky Feature

This feature reveals 5 gold mines, Your job is to select a gold mine to show the bonus symbol. With these additional picks, you'll select a gold mine to reveal a bonus symbol. You can play 10 free games and if the bonus symbol appears, it'll be replaced by the gold nugget symbol. If you can continue to retrigger this, it'll add 10 more free games to the feature.

Symbols and Value

The symbols within this board range from lower paying symbols and high paying symbols, and reward a decent amount to the player. Besides the scatter and wild, the highest paying symbols include the mmischievousthief cowboy miner, the happy bearded miner as well, and the actual mine symbol itself. The mine symbols pay a generous 10,000 or 30,000 with the substitute. The happy miner is worth 2,500 or 7,500 with the substitute. The mischievous miner pays 1000 or 3000 coins with the substitute. The chest and donkey are worth the same, just a mere 500 coins alone or 1500 with a substitute. As we head into the lower paying symbols include the cute dog and the fireworks/explosive box worth about 250 coins alone or 750 with a substitute. The lowest paying symbols on this board include the pan of gold, the mining hammer, and the lamp. They all pay about 100 coins alone or 300 if you trigger 5 with a substitute.

Generous Multiplier

this game has some pretty generous multipliers, which could include up to 25,000 euros. The Pay Dirt slot has a progressive jackpot, but the special symbols will provide more help. The goal of the game is to trigger five identical symbols on one line. When you get a substitute within that line, it's mulipliedmultiplied by three. The scatter pays out well too, seeing three, four, or five of these can get you an x2, x20, or x200 bet multiplier. Bet max and experience the feature worth about 25,000 euros.

Random Progressive Jackpot

A slot that offers a progressive jackpot is valuable. The progressive jackpot is created because this pot stores a little bit of the funds in the jackpot as you play. You watch the ticker on the game screen to see how much you could potentially win. Not every reel offers a progressive jackpot, so when a progressive jackpot shows up on a good slot it's valuable. The progressive jackpot is triggered randomly, just spin and you can win even without any winning combinations and leave a lot richer than when you started this game. You can play Play Dirt and strike it rich -I love gold! Play Dirt isn't just saving the big prize for the progressive slot winnings that are random and let's be honest, we all can't be that lucky. Play Dirt distributes its wealth a little more evenly because of the generous wins across the base games, symbols, and bonus rounds. These base wins plus the progressive jackpot do make this very worthwhile. In addition, since the Pay Dirt slots give you three bonus games, you can choose which bonus game you want to play. whether you want to play Gold Rush, Strike It Lucky, or Gold Fever. All of them are worth a similar amount but offer different things.


Play Dirt has many features that make a great slot. There's a lot of competition for this particular sort of slot online, but not everyone delivers the same quality within its bonus features, the cartoonish animations, fun soundtrack, and customizable features are just a few of the standout qualities within this slot. I thought it's well-formatted and includes clear instructions for the player, making it easy to enjoy whether you are familiar with a lot of slots or less experienced and used to the more simple, one reel, kind of format that often doesn't include mini-games, bonuses or a progressive jackpot. However, with this gold mined themed game we have a reel that's both well-formatted and designed, but also includes generous bonuses. I appreciated the fact you could choose which bonus feature you want to enable when you strike it lucky. I suggest the player does some test runs before playing because of this, so they can decide which bonus will be best for them, even if they are similar in value for instance. The progressive jackpot is also a highlight feature. More importantly, Real Time Gaming is always a reliable company in terms of quality from a technical perspective. You won't experience any bugs, glitches, or difficulties within this game. The symbols are likable and creative with a fun historical theme, some of the symbols might be lost on younger slot players in terms of references, but the cartoon quality will still make it appealing for younger, maybe lower rolling players. The older, more high rolling gamblers will fully appreciate the historical references plus the fun and light-hearted quality of this slot. The fact you can customize so much of your experience on this might be a determining factor on a player choosing this slot over another slot because I get very tired of triggering slots that take a long time for me to figure out the pattern and general volatility, so the fact I can both auto spin and adjust the amount of time it takes to get to every spin is a plus without a doubt. Overall enjoyed playing this slot, and I learned more about the history of gold mining and the Wild West in ways I didn't expect. It has a likable quality, and each bonus was unique. I love games that trigger pick me games and I think they're very popular among slot fans for a reason. There are a lot of valuable winnings within this board. My favorite symbols visually were the more cartoonish, animal-based symbols that are lower playing, like the donkey and the dog with a gold nugget in its mouth. Overall, a charming slot with few flaws that have a universal appeal.