Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandits is a good slot referencing the traditional progressive slot. This is about the typical shoot-out visual you'll get when you think about cops and robbers as two battling entities. In the background you can see the perspective of the user - as well as where this board is placed against - is a fancy bank that has been ransacked, including luxurious red rugs and perfectly glossy and embodied wealthy-looking cream walls, Ancient Greek style pillars holding up the bank walls to make it look as stereotypical bank-like as possible. You can easily spot knocked over velvet rope, cash in disarray on the ground, giant tacks of money with dollar bills on them, and a generally chaotic bank background. It looks how you would expect a comic book version of a bank robbery would look, and it follows with this theme throughout each reel icon as well as the background. Obviously to follow the narrative and perspective that is you are the bandit getting some fast cash from this slot - just don't let the cops get on your tail - because he's chasing you whether he has a sugary, sprinkle covered pink frosting coated donut hanging from his mouth or not. Cash bandits were brought to us by the reliable, wonderful software provider Real Time Gaming. They are trusted and well-known for a wide variety of reasons, always delivering memorable themes, great graphics, excellent bonuses that always include wilds, scatters, and mini-games within the board that makes it worthwhile, besides any potential nuggets and goodies hidden within the themes of their games. This slot is filled with characterizing bright colors with tons of personality. as usual, This gang is conceptually about taking a risk and living the life of a robber - like racing cars or forming a gang, you know things that would typically get one arrested. The animation has a typical modern cartoon art quality with its more danger-dominated theme.

How To Play

There are multiple kinds of slots in the world, some of them only include one reel and no wilds or scatters, some of them include more. This is a more complicated slot than the classic I just mentioned- but take that with a grain of salt because it's pretty easy to use even with the multiple pay lines. Your goal is to trigger match symbols on a single line after a single spin. Some other combinations and wins can be triggered as well, and make sure to check out the help section if you aren't familiar with what to look for and how to identify wins. It'll still auto-generate your wins for you regardless, so you could also just keep an eye on the winnings window. This slot will be appealing to novice players and experienced slot players who will recognize the above-average qualities manufactured in this slot. You can play this game in demo mode or real cash mode.

Pay Options, Easy Navigation, and Other Typical Real Time Gaming Features

This has a five-reel format, which is pretty typical and includes 25 pay lines and a major and minor jackpot. The symbols within the board display a specific narrative to the audience. Symbols include bullets, an adjacent gun, spilled coffee, a knife, a ski mask, money, cop sunglasses, plus the cop's hat. Each symbol tells the user a little more about the story and fantasy being set up for the user. After all, I think we've all wanted to live like an outlaw and make out with a huge cash prize - which is what the board in itself is hinting at and hopefully will deliver if you are lucky. The jackpots on this slot are located on the top of the screen. Towards the bottom of the left side of the screen is a stacked button that displays the individual line bet. There's a wide range of coin sizes to choose from. The variety of price ranges are really nice, and include the coin sizes $0.01, $0.02, $0.04, $0.09, $0.08, $0.07, $0.06, $0.03, $0.25, $0.10, $0.05. You can play for very little per line, or max bet as high as you can. This is an affordable slot, great and easy for plays with low to medium range budgets to enjoy immensely. You can play the full 25 lines or less if you choose, just use the subtract symbol to take away pay lines one by one, as it will default at 25 pay lines initially. The last stacked button on the left side is the total bet you are currently playing right now. Next to the three stacked buttons is a matching blue mini window that will display your winnings. Finally to the right of that are the buttons that display the auto spin button, as well as the manual spin button. There's also a shortcut button that max bets for you. The auto spin button is helpful for me because I'm impatient, which leads you to the customizable options available at the bottom of the screen. In the furthermost corner of the screen is a black section that has several buttons. The one that is the furthest on the left side has a gear button, where you can uncheck or check many options, which include turning off or on the intro video, a splash screen, and a spacebar to spin button. You can turn off or on these features using the adjustment button. To the right of the gear, the button is a chat button, which opens a mini window where you can directly contact the game manufacturers with whatever question you might have. Next to that bottom is a question button that has detailed instructions. Next to that button as we head down the right side of the screen is an arrow that might say x1 or x2 you can use that to speed up the spin button, which is helpful for that auto spin feature I mentioned. Finally, the last option on the black bar section is the button that mutes the entire game or turns it up or down.

Icon Values

The handouts, megaphones, and donuts pay out a low but still reward 100 coins for five identical symbols per line. The guns, the bag with a cash symbol on it, and the stacks of cash symbol pay out 250 coins for five of a kind on one line. The cop siren and orange car pay out a more generous 500 coins for five identical symbols per line. The bandit will pay out a higher amount, with a maximum of 800 coins per line for five identical symbols, then also we've got the cop symbol which pays out a higher amount of 1250 coins for five. Finally, the bank is the highest paying symbol and rewards 1500 coins for five identical icons.

Bonus Features

Keep your eye out for the vault bonus, because it'll serve as a ticket to tons of free games and generous multipliers. You can trigger this by getting three or more scattered cops and robbers logos. The vault door in this game is the wild symbol and be bring some big rewards and wins. When this symbol shows up on the reels, it'll substitute all other symbols within this game to create more generous winning combinations. The vault door wild symbol cannot replace the actual individual cops and robbers symbols, which is the star of this board. The badge that displays Cops and Robbers encrypted on the gold badge is the scatter symbol. These symbols activate the fun vault feature, and in this feature, the players will be provided with robbers to choose from, and they'll attempt to unlock as many vaults as possible. At first, the player will receive five spins plus an x2 multiplier, and then you can win more free spins by cracking the vault codes. The maximum number of free spins plays can win is by cracking the code with x6 prizes. You can win these 50 free spins by cracking a 4 digit code. You'll be cracking a 1-digit, 2-digit, 3-digit, or 4-digit code combination that will reward you with 5, 10, 20, or 50 Cash Bandits Free Spins. You have five, six, or eight numbers that can be picked from the keypad that corresponds to the scatters. If you can retrigger the feature by landing at least three scatters, you'll get five more cash bandit-free spins.

Great Progressive Jackpots

Many slots include one progressive jackpot, but not as many include two, and this game has a major and minor jackpot. As the titles suggest, the major jackpot will give you a larger prize, and the minor jackpot will give you a significantly lower price. Each can be won at random, and separately. The progressive jackpots can be triggered any time near the conclusion at every spin. Given the base pays with the scatters, wilds, and mini rewards games activated within this board, the fact it gives you two progressive jackpots on top of that - because that's glorious.


The Cash Bandits will give you the unique vault bonus round. When you land at least three spin bonus scatters anywhere on the reels, you'll be rewarded with up to 90 free spins and a generous potentially huge x12 multiplier. With the payout potential, this is a classic and rewarding slot to add to Real Time Gaming's great portfolio. There seems to be no official variance.

Mobile Version

I'm proud to report, like many Real Time Gaming Software games, Cash Bandits translates easily to your mobile device, and looks as good and sounds as good as the desktop version, whether you use android or iPhone you'll be sure to find this mobile version for slot lovers on the go will appreciate this cash bandits mobile version. I found no glitches or issues with running it on my phone, which is the latest version of the IphoneiPhone.

Technical Issues

The game runs efficiently, free of technical issues that could negate the user's ability to enjoy the playing experienced. The reels run and operate smoothly, and also pretty fast with cartoonish and typical slot sound effects that are enjoyable and addicting. The cops and robbers theme was an edgy aesthetic and conceptual selection, giving the users an immersive fantasy of danger and lawlessness to enjoy.

Summary - and Would I Play This Game Again?

I personally really enjoyed playing this slot, it was easy and I think it fits into a wide variety of budgets, better aimed at the players with a lower budget. It had generous multipliers, I appreciated the number of pay lines and also the scatter symbols. Not every slot out there offers that many pay lines, bonuses and some slots don't even feature scatters or wilds, so this game is a classic and top tier slot that could be enjoyed by a wide range of fans, whether they're the younger virtual slot players who might only play their favorite slots frequently online and are used to video slots or 3D slots or at least other quality slots. It will also be alluring to the older slot fans, who may be seasoned their skills and passions for slots in real casinos over years and might be least tech-savvy - those folks with relating to the theme because the theme is universal, and find that the slot itself is very easy to use. Keeping an eye out for the wild symbol can help create some pretty great winning combinations, and you can use the wild to activate the bonus round hopefully multiple times if you are lucky enough to trigger those winning combinations. This game will be great for those folks who want to explore the cops and robbers themes or the outlaw versus the law concept. It's great for fiances if you are a low to the medium roller as well as bringing some unique themes and visuals, with even comedic elements that make the game ultra-fun. I would play this game again and recommend it to slot lovers universally. The theme isn't isolating and can be fun to all sorts of users.