Bubble Bubble Slots

I can't express enough my enthusiasm enough for this slot. This is one of the most creative, innovative, and interesting slot machine themes I've played yet. The game creators went all out, being very specific and accurate with their witch lore, and presenting a glamorous gothic slot machine that some may find fun all year round, but mostly everyone will enjoy it around Halloween. From the moment you load the game, you're greeted with a curvacious cartoon witch, with big eyes and a classic witch outfit- but this is no frumpy witch, as this witch resembles a bit of a sexual brat doll. This mascot is still really pleasing, and I think can draw female slot players and male slot players alike with their mysterious aura and gothic allure. This is a hyper-interactive slot and includes skeleton hands that deliver some of your favorite buttons to the screen or magical witchcraft sparkles that touch the reels in special ways. These zombie skeleton hands that emerge from the ground stay within the animated features of the game the whole time and so do the magical sparkles. There's so much to take it for this board visually. From the spooky greenish sky, the swirling tree branches that claw out like a monstrous hand, the crescent moon in the background, hanging gloriously in the sky and further handing to the haunting aesthetic. One of the best treats is the shadowed owl sitting on top of the reel, his yellow animated eyes peer from beneath the board blinking slowly. On the left and right side of the main grid, there are some other details, like a steel and pointy fence that resembles the kind of gate that would surround a cementary, and one of the finest details is the cobweb-covered witches broom on the left side. The grid is stood up by two stone pillars, with one of them advertising 50 lines and the other being a button that shows "help and rules"

There are tons of prizes and bonuses available in the Bubble Bubble slot game from Realtime Gaming. Besides the prizes and bonuses, there are all sorts of spooky treats available. Some of these excellent bonuses include Wild Witch, Scattered Cauldrons, A Great Ghost Feature, and a Bewitched Feature.

Mobile Version

This spooky game is easily translatable to your mobile device, whether you use IOS mobile devices or Android mobile devices, it translates effortlessly and without any glitches to a travel format, making it easy to play this sexy witch game any time, any place - whether you're bored at home, at your job or in your car!

Witch Navigation and Format On Bubble Bubble

The navigation for this gameboard is very modern. All of the buttons you'll need down towards the bottom of the screen and many buttons are inscribed on traditional-looking tombstones. On the left side of the screen, towards the bottom is a tombstone where you can adjust your screen. Even the fonts are pleasant and give a throwback to old horror comic books or horror movie fonts that are very popular in the goth subculture. You can change the speed on this button by cleverly changing the speed using x1, x2, or x3, and it is indicated by being able to change how many fingers the skeleton hand is emerging from the soil beneath the tombstone. Next to that button is a hat that sort of resembles your typical witch hat or sorting hat which is the autoplay button. Autoplay is helpful if you are impatient during manual spins for sure. When you head towards the middle of the screen, two mushrooms frame the bet screen which has a small window that displays the total bet per line. To the right side of the screen is the win window which will display your total winnings and is displayed on another wider tombstone. On the right side of the screen in the corner is a spiderweb, and beneath this thinly spun spiderweb is an animated manual spin button. On the right side, there is another mini button bar that includes a chat to talk to the company's tech team, which is a great tool especially if you won any real money but are experienced errors or issuing cashing out. There is a help button next to the chat button, which has instructions on how to play, and finally, there is a button that brings you to the menu section, which has autoplay options, player options, and a history button which is unique from what I've seen.

Exceptional Artistically Designed Reels

A green magic spark will fly across the screen and leave a different creative symbol, all of them which cleverly reference real witchcraft. This is a five-by-three-reel. The art within each reel shows attention to detail and a great eye for visually pleasing yet dark imagery. One of the icons is a crow against a deep blood red backdrop, another icon is a crystal ball with a heart made of filaments of smoke curling within the bulb because this is a love which as you'll remember. Another symbol is two candles that are melting and include a terrifying and dark face within the body of each candle. The backdrop for the candle is red yet again. Another symbol is a melting jack-o-lantern in front of the same red background. Another symbol I liked was the potion symbol, which looks to be some sort of love potion as evident by the pink goo within the bottle and the pink mist rising from the glass container. The anime-style black cat, who is traditionally considered a witch's familiar, is another highlight. All the animals within these symbols have huge eyes. Another animal with huge eyes that is less cute is the toad, which is classic in witch lore, but this toad is not very cute and is covered with warts and bumps. The skull candle seems to have had some love potion spilled on it, as the skull is in love with the cute witch. He even has little hearts near the skull candles' eyes and looks especially happy. If you follow the narrative of this reel board, you'll notice many of these occult symbols relate to a love spell, so it shouldn't surprise you to see a red-covered, gold clasped love spell book our little witch seems to love. One of the most colorful and well-designed symbols is without a doubt the jar of eyeballs and a bucket of raw fish bodies and mushrooms. It's a particularly splendid visual, only to be rivaled by the cauldron of green goo that has live purple octopus tentacles spilling forth from the top of the potion. The black widow spider symbol looks apologetic and innocent for a poisonous creature and is easily identifiable by the red mark on the lower part of the body.

How To Play

This game is simple beneath all the complicated graphics. You just are aiming to get identical symbols on one line to get big wins. You can win small amounts of coins for just triggering certain higher-paying identified symbols anywhere within the board. Still, you'll want to aim for the bonus features I'm going to mention below.

Bubble Bubble Bonuses Features

Our sexy witch's name is Winnie the Witch, and she's left tons of spellbinding treats for you to find. You can win up to 99 coins for finding either the spider symbol or the skull symbol. You can score up to 150 coins for finding other ingredients like the eyes of toads, and you can win a lucky 333 coins for finding Jack O' Lanterns, frogs, and spellbooks. When you meet the witch's familiars - yes they did their witch lore homework once again - the black cat and raven can award you a generous 1,000 coins. When Winnie the witch appears on every window within reel 3 she'll replace all other symbols so you can win even more prizes.


The scatter symbol is the octopus cauldron, where you can win up to x33 your total bet. If you win four cauldrons and a wild witch on the same line, you'll win a ridiculously generous x99 your initial bet. When you score three or more cauldrons you can also trigger three of the following bonus features, the Witch Witches Feature, The Great Ghost Feature, or the Bewitched Feature. As long as the symbols are displayed from left to right, you'll be benefiting from some great bonus features. You'll need to select one of the cauldrons and you'll be randomly awarded one of the three following bonus games.

The Bewitched Feature

If you choose the Bewitched feature, you'll get 7 free games when this witch expands to every place on reel 3 and benefit from rewards in regards to that. You can re-trigger this feature while in the game if you are lucky enough to trigger three more scatters, you'll win 9 more games, and it can go on as long as you are lucky enough to manage that.

The Great Ghost Feature

The Great Ghost Feature is another excellent feature, with this game you can get 20 free games and up to nine wild ghosts on every reel. You can still re-trigger this feature. A random number of ghosts will fly on the reel (1-9) and all the flying ghosts will morph whatever symbol they touch into a wild ghost symbol. They substitute for every valid symbol except for scatters.

The Wild Witches Feature and the Win-Win Feature

During this feature, you'll get 9 free games where the witch's spells can turn either 1 or 2 reels completely wild - which as you can imagine can result in a huge prize for the player. This feature can be retriggered and will retrigger 7 more games until you run out of scattering wins. Win-win is activated by this feature - this means if you win 10x (or less) your initial bet during this feature, a prize of 100x your bet will be rewarded

Coin Size

There are 50 lines available on this reel but a variety of coin sizes for the user to choose from, with some notable ones such as $0.10, $0.25, $0.05, $0.01, $0.02, $0.04, $0.09, $0.08, $0.07, $0.06 and $0.03. I would say this is a good slot for low to medium rollers looking for something creative and different. It's one of the more imaginative slots and it's refreshing they put so much work into a slot that isn't specifically aimed at really high rollers. It doesn't exclude the average slot gamer from being able to enjoy a creative, well crafted, visually appealing slot with fun bonuses

Sound Effects

Bubble Bubble comes with some spooky sound effects and background music that plays throughout the game. Some slots supposedly include music but often It never loads, but this game wasn't one of those cases. The whole time you hear sound effects similar to skeleton bones hitting each other cheerfully in the background as you play this slot. It also includes the classic coin noises and other delightful sonic treats and sound effects that come in during some of the bonus features, making this game interactive and lively. The music was only semi-spooky, mostly cheerful and playful.


I thought this game was quality and above average. It will go down as one of the classic virtual slots of this period and I think the theme will be recycled against for obvious reasons. It's fun, creative, visually splendid. It includes awesome payouts like the maximum win of x50,000 per line. The theme is more what would have me as a user coming back for more, plus the bonus games are fair and entertaining. The animations within this game can wake someone who is playing slots all night up. I think despite the fact the witch is sexy this game is appealing to all sorts of people - even traditionally feminine women will like the aesthetic attention to detail and other refined features.