Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

If you liked Bubble Bubble one, you'll love Bubble Bubble 2! This sexy witch is back and bringing some new treats along the way. Bubble Bubble two is a sequel to the classic and well-loved Bubble Bubble. This slot is themed after witches, wickedness, and everything cute and gothic. I think there's a reason they made a sequel to this concept - they know it's popular because it's the sort of unique theme we want from slot games. They did a great job of updating the game, offering some new concepts and visuals within the familiar Bubble Bubble format. The mascots for bubble two are not only one witch but two witches. Both of them dressed in skimpy witch dresses and garter belts, black stockings, and dark makeup. The red-haired witch has the more traditional, cleavage exposing witch outfit with the classic witch hat. She comes now with a blonde friend, in a similar but different midriff-baring dress with a red-lined hood. These curvaceous women serve as the first images you see when you load the legendary Bubble Bubble

These beautiful witches have Bubble Bubble, toil, and trouble ready for the user. This game contains an immense 50 pay lines, with five reels and it pays out a top non-progressive jackpot of x9,000x your stake. This includes great artwork and some surprises beyond the traditional game structure that most virtual video reels follow. This enchanted forest will bring you opportunities for some bewitching wins. This game includes expanding wilds, scatters, and more. Bubble Bubble 2 offers an average return to player outplay of just above 96 percent, and fans of the first Bubble Bubble will flock to Bubble Bubble 2.

Glamorously Dark Background

This game board takes place in a graveyard, similar to the spooky background in which the original Bubble Bubble took place but with some new details and more space for the background to be seen. This scene and background are fully animated in many ways, including an eery-looking crow peering at the user and blinking his yellow eye while you play. There's also a mysterious red eye demon blinking on the left side of the screen, hidden within a haunted and dead tree, only visible through a conveniently located hole. There are also several whitish-yellowish candles skewed around everywhere on the left side of the screen in the background, which are fully animated. In Bubble Bubble one, the moon is a crescent, and in Bubble Bubble two, the moon is full and hanging in the blue sky in the background. They say a witch is most powerful on a full moon - the creators of Bubble Bubble know the witch lore. If you observe the moon for more than a few minutes, bats even fly forward and flutter forward into the screen. You can see a graveyard with a paved path that expands out into the horizon, setting the scene for a spooky and haunted slot experience. There are several mausoleums in the background as well as dark and mysterious forests and thick fog.

Symbols and Themes

The symbols within this board include tons of spectacular visuals and animations. Get comfortable with sparkling green and blue magical dust, because this is the animation that provides an extra bit of magic as it transforms every reel. The symbols on this board differ from the original symbols included on Bubble Bubble and include slightly more ugly creatures. One of them is an evil-looking bat, resting against a purple background. Another is a cauldron with a mysterious green potion bubbling over. Make sure to not cross over to these witches' bad side - as they might put a hex on you! This is evident by the Joy of The Hex book displayed on one of the board placements. One of the uglier, and more mysterious animations is the rat, who is caressing his pink tail between his claws and smiles mysteriously at the user. There is a horned skull displayed on the board, some kind of goat skull, or another similar skull used often in practices that include black magic, of course, he is slightly under the love spell of the sexy witches and is holding a red rose by the stem between its teeth. I am always impressed with the details Bubble Bubble puts within the slot because many details are true to real practices of witchcraft. A more familiar symbol within this board is the black cat, which players might remember from the original Bubble Bubble. Our favorite feline has a more perplexed expression this time around. Cats and rats aren't the only witches' familiars on this board though - remember there are now two witches instead of one, and each witch has their familiars. Another witch familiar is an owl, who has a relaxed expression as he gazes out at the user from beneath this well-animated and artistic board. There is a candle holder with three melted candles, there is a witch hat, very much resembling the Salem witch style that we often see used in most witches' depictions, including a puritan buckle. Some new concepts brought into this board besides ingredients and typical witch familiar include a voodoo doll that also resembles a witch - maybe the two witches don't get along as well as we think! That or perhaps they're mad at a different witch. There's also a magical wand with mysterious purple magic, and a heart-shaped bottle that contains some sort of love potion with the instructions to drink.

Game Format and How To Play

The way Bubble Bubble Two is formatted is a way that's easy to play. On the left side of the five by three grid is button that says 50 paylines, and on the right of the board is a button that says help & rules. Both of these buttons pull up detailed instructions involving how to play, including photos and basic text instructions. Towards the bottom of the screen we have several more valuable buttons. On the furtherest left is a speed button which is displayed against a gray bricked wall. You can press this buton and adjust the speed in which the manual or auto spins go. This is very helpful to me as sometimes it feels like these games spin too long for my taste. To adjust the speed, simply press it and the three candles nearby with light themselves on or off. If you have three candles lit at one time the board will be spinning at maximum speed. If you press it mulitple times and turn one of the candles off, it'll be slightly slower, and if you keep only one candle lit it will remain as the usual and default speed. Next to that button is an auto play button, another super helpful feature that is garnished by a small and adorable red topped mushroom. You can stop the auto play feature at any time simply by repressing the button. Now towards the middle of the board, at the button next to the autoplay and other buttons is the bet button. Here you can use the arrows to either decrease or increase your bet. It'll be set to a default number. However, there are a lot of diffferent payment options and you can set the coin size to a wide range of penny level prices, including $0.10, $0.25, $0.05, $0.01, $0.02, $0.04, $0.09, $0.08, $0.07, $0.03, $0.06 and more. You won't really be breaking the bank and this game isn't aimed necessarily for high rollers, but I think that's because it finds their audience especially among the youth resurvange of witches that has been appearing throughout our media and internet culture for a variety of reasons. Young witches don't have a huge wallet to spend, so the pay level this game aims for is perfect. Next to the bet window is the win window, which is just a wide bar that displays your winnings as you play this game. To the furtherest right of the screen is a pulsing cobweb and spin button. Obviously this is the basic manual spin button, and a pair of similiar red topped mushrooms are growing near the spin button as well. Every visual detail put into this board is fully worthwhile and their vision is 100 percent realized throughout the sceem of this board. Be careful when pressing the spin button, because you might notice the black widow spider from the last Bubble Bubble game! Easily reconigizible by the red top on it's segmented body. The creators for this game did a great job crafting these finer details to make it a fun experience for those goths and witch lovers who will flock to this virtual video slot over other video slos.

Music & Sound Effects

The funny thing about this board is it reminds me of the old saying - don't fix something that isn't broken. They did a good job at incorporating new details from this witch world into the board without ruining what made it so great in the first place. So that being said, the theme music is the same, semi playful, creeping cinematic play music you'll find in the first installment of Bubble Bubble. The sound effects, including the coin noises, the spin noises, and bonus sounds are very similiar if not identical to the first game. Each reel spin plays a gentle tapping noise, that sounds like hitting a glass jar. It has a soothing quality compared to other harsher sppin noises that are more trying to mimic your typical Las Vegas slot machine.

How To Play and Coin Value

Playing is easy - just get five of the same symbols after one triggering spin, and enjoy your payout, and continue should you choose. When you get a five by five, you'll be paid up to 1,000 coins. The lower paying symbols on the board include the love potion, the candle holder, the hex book pay out 60 coins, while the voodoo doll, the couldron and the skull out payout 75 coins for five of a kind, however if a wild witch ends up within any of these winning combinations, the payout with be increased significantly, and will be doubled or even tripled depending on the symbol. The hat and the rat are worth the same, and payout 200 for five of a kind, without a substitute, while the owl pays out a unique 300 coins. The two top of paying of the lower paying symbols are the bat which pays out 1000 coins for five and the cat which pays out 1000 coins for five. These are the symbols that don't include the highly valuable witch symbols as we'll

Witch Wilds

The witches, named Winni and Wanda are the wild substitures and can only appear on reels 1 and five. When this occurs, they'll expand to cover all the other reels before pays are awarded. They can substitute for all other symbols including scatters. The prizes are tripled when either Winni or wanda appear in a winning combination. The witches substitute once on their reel for scatters. The prize is x9 when winn and wanda appear in the same winning combination.

Ghost Wilds

other wild symbols include the ghosts, and they only appear during the Great Ghosts feature. During this feature, the wild ghosts will count for all of the symbols, except for the scatters. Wild will only appear during the Wilder Witches feature when both Winni and Wanda appear at the same time. The wild substitutes for all symbols in the case still, including the scatter. Scatter wins are mulitplied by the total bet then added to the line wins.

Wild Witch Feature

During this feature, 9 free games are awarded to the player, and if these witches appear, they'll cast their smoulderiing spell. Reels that are struck by the spell are turned into whatever witch casted the spell before the pays are awarded. If both witches appear during this feature, they'll either cast a spell into the middle reel to turn it wild, or they'll add 33 extra games, or both. This feature can be retriggered, with the retriggering scatters counted before any spells are cast. Every time this feature is triggered, the player is awarded 9 free games. The Win-Win is only activated during the Wilder Witches feature. The win win awards a bonus if you're initial win from the Wild Witch feature is 10x the bet of the triggering game (or less) If there aren't any qualifying wins, a prize of x100 the intial bet will still be awarded, which is a generous feature. Any other wins award from x5 to x100 your bet.!

Ultra Bewitched Feature

During the Ultra Bewitched feautre, 7 free games are awarded with at least one of them being a wild symbol. The witch will cover reel 1 or the other witch will cover reel 5, or both may cover the reels on any spin. This feature can be retriggered and will add 7 free games to the current feature with each retrigger

Game Summary

Overall, this is a real treat for lovers of the first Bubble Bubble, and I do think the original fans of that game will flock to this game for the new animations as well as the same, great bonuses that were featured on the first on the first bubble bubble. It won't leave the user disappointed with the great qualities and above average animation that will draw in a universal crowd, both men and women alike to this fun and gothic virtual video slot.