Sweet Shop Collect Slots

Do you have a sweet tooth and a taste for playing online slot machines? Then we have good news for you because by spinning the reels of Sweet Shop Collect Slots, you can satisfy both of your guilty pleasures. To subtract the most golden syrup out of this game, carefully study its review here first.

A Quick Look at the Mouthwatering Visual Appeal of the Slot's Symbols

Spinning and winning might have never tasted better than on the reels of Sweet Shop Collect Slots because what is better than playing a slot machine that shows you candies as symbols? The candies are displayed on store shelves and have various colors and shapes. Some examples are the yellow star, the red triangle, and the green hexagon.

Now that we've established what the reel attributes look like that you will be playing with in this game, let's move on to how you can use them to make your sweetest gains. We start with the non-feature symbols and, later on, discuss the available bonus icons as well.

Play the Game of Making Symbol Combinations to Trigger Prizes

When playing Sweet Shop Collect Slots, you are going to spin symbols on a five-by-three reel grid. It is your task to spin those symbols into combinations of at least three and, at most, five to make top wins. Remember, making combinations is one thing, but you also need to align your combos with pay lines that cross the reel grid.

There are 25 fixed pay line structures in this game on which you can land your combinations. The fact that you play a game with fixed lines means you cannot change anything about how many of them are active or deactivated during your plays.

With the win-making rules for the non-feature icons now established, let's move on to the available bonus icons and features in this casino slot machine game.

Sugarcoat Your Wins by Taking Full Advantage of Bonus Play Elements

This game makes it easy for you to sprinkle some extra sugary sweetness on your winnings because it allows you to use top bonus play elements in the form of two symbols and two unique features.

First of all, the multicolored W wild icon is your substitute attribute in this game, meaning that it replaces other symbols in combinations and thus helps you complete more wins. Then, there is also the Sweet Shop Collect Slots scatter logo that triggers the free games with extra candies and random multipliers feature for you if you land it at least three times on the grid during a game round. That is the first feature of the game.

The second one is the candy collect feature, which lets you collect minor, non-winning reel attributes until you have obtained enough of them to win bonus prizes boosted by a multiplier. For a more detailed description of the mentioned bonus features as well as all the other gameplay elements you will encounter while spinning the reels of this slot, we like to point you to the game's paytable section, which you can easily access in-game.

It Is Time for Mouth and Bankroll Pleasing Reel Spinning Fun

If you feel that this review has given you proper knowledge about the game Sweet Shop Collect Slots, then it is now high time to have a delicious taste of it at online casino venues running on the trusted software from the developer of this slot machine title, which is Realtime Gaming (RTG).